Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure my head to find my hat size ?:

  • Use a tape measure (tailor) or failing a tape than elastic.
  • Place the tape around the head above the ear, about 1cm. 
  •  Sets the proper pressure for (not overtighten or you will be too tight hat) is hold, and marks the junction of the two ends of the tape.
  • If you used a normal tape, measure the distance between the two extremes in a rule or rigid tube.
  • Volilá! that's your hat size.

What is my hat size?

From Pingleton Hats seek to provide the sizes in cm but if the product is made of flexible fabric will be given sizes SML-XL. Not to worry because now you explain what is the equivalence. Always try each size is accompanied by a measure in cm.

The standard sizing in cm ranging from 55cm to 61cm.

The American sizing cm corresponds to the following:

  • The size XP, XS or XtraSMALL comes to correspond to about 53cm (From 52-54)
  • The size P or S or SMALL, comes to correspond to about 55cm. (From 55-56cm)
  • Size M or M or MEDIUM comes to correspond to about 57cm. (From 57-58cm)
  • Size G or L or LARGE comes to correspond to about 59 cm. (From 59-60cm)
  • SG or XL size, comes to correspond to about 61 cm. (From 61-62cm)

In the event that the product is one size, is normally covers a range that varies from 57 to 59cm, so in smaller or larger sizes do not ensure the shaping.

Normally shall hats and caps clothing, materials and models more flexible to help them adapt to the head, even some with rubber or some system (tancas, fitters, etc.) to assist a proper grip.

Notes: If the measure we get is between two sizes, (eg 56.40 cm) should choose the next size, a 57. If instead we exceed slightly 56,30cm, we would choose the 56, will take home more comfortable the garment with the size 57 that we would be great.

* Warning: Although the sizes of hats and caps are universal, so it is with other garments depending on the model or manufacturer may vary from one to another.

How to keep my hats?

The straw, cleaned with a slightly damp sponge. The felt, rubbing gently with a brush or sponge, always taking care to brush in the direction of hair. Then stored in a box or shelf hatbox trying to keep their original shape.

Is it essential to maintain the original shape of my hat to place or keep it?

No, the form taken using a hat, is part of the characteristics. When we keep careful not to deform, but needless us to keep a rigid or anything like hatbox.

Where are the hats?

All over! We have a variety of items, and they all come from different places. We try to have many sources of complemnetos to always have the best quality items and trends from anywhere in the world.

Is the stock is renewed continuously?

From Pingleton Hats tried our stock is constantly changing so you always have the best hats and accessories to choose from. But depending orders may not have stock of the item you like. Do not worry !. Mark your size on the product detail and if no stock will ship the product as soon as possible, and always keep you informed.

Why am I not receiving emails from Pingleton Hats?

We like to get in touch with our community, so we send emails to our members on promotions, competitions and new products, and other news and information. We also take care to answer all emails that we receive from customers.

So if you've joined Hats Pingleton but is not receiving these emails, or if you are simply having trouble follow these steps:

Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail!, Can block error messages as spam Hats Pingleton, and many of our customers who have these addresses will not receive any of our e-mails. If your address is through one of these providers, you can adjust the settings to ensure that our emails reach your inbox and not your wallet spam. Here's how to do it with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. If that is not the problem, call us at (+34) 92 627 11 02 and we will help by phone.

If you're not a member Pingleton Hats, but wish to receive our emails, join us !.

My order status says "Processing" .¿ does that mean?

'Processing' only means that our system has successfully received your order! Once the order leaves our fulfillment center, we'll email you a tracking number and order status changes to 'Processing Shipping'.

What do I do if my order aparace "canceled"?

If your order is listed as canceled in section Pingleton Hats client, is that there has been a problem for the issuance thereof and the system has been canceled for safety.

Normally you will receive an email at the address you provided to us in registration where you confirm the order status.

How where is my order?

When you place the order Pingleton Hats, our system will send you an email with every purchase data, in which a code that can track your order will be included, once it has left our warehouse.

It's safe to shop with Pingleton Hats?

Of course! Hats Pingleton uses Redsys con Banco Pular, payment system that meets safety standards PCI / DSS and verification system 3DSecure. You can check here.

Are there international shipments?

Yes, we do! I Read all the information relating to shipping in our section of shipments.

Where is my refund?

Returns are usually processed within 5-7 business days after receiving your package and we will send you a message as soon as it opened. Meanwhile, you can track your package with the tracking number that appears on the label for return shipping.

Still not you are safe, or do you need to know more? Call us at (+34) 92 627 11 02 or contact us via email: We are here to help!