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In 1800 the founder of hats and caps brand Mayser, Leonhard Mayser (1775-1839) estableción a hat factory in Ulm. In those troubled times the city was occupied by Napoleon, but decided to start manufacturing handcrafted felt hats for men, from intone been a long time and many things, including that Mayser has become a global brand recognition which premieres 4 collections of hats, caps and hats each year in 44 countries and sells over 350,000 hats. Mayser is one of the largest companies worldwide hats. All Mayser hats and caps are manufactured in Europe between Germany and Slovenia making these hats besides being of the prestigious Mayser, are of excellent quality. Concerned always be trendy, designers and manufacturers of hats Mayser, innovate with classic materials to refer immediately your pruduct unique technological qualities. Panama hats made resistant to water, sun protection factor of up to 80, there are hats and caps that will not bend out of shape, which are very thermal fabrics in winters and innovative fabrics like sympatex in outdoor hats. Innovation, elegance and above all quality make hats, hats and caps Mayser an ever wise choice.
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