Hats and Caps Stetson

The origin of the prestigious brand of Stetson hats, dates back to 1865. It was then that John B. Stetson hat made the first legendary American firm.
Adopted by cowboys, laborers, such as high officials, it represents a style that has been in the society for more than a whole century.
Currently, the Stetson brand, continues to manufacture hats and caps mens womens in all styles, gatsby hats, duckbill caps, flat caps, military .... and hats in all kinds of materials, hats for the summer in toyo or raffia, fibers or Panama, or hats for men and women, perfect for winter in materials such as felt, cotton or wool. Hats and caps promoting the spirit of individuality, integrity and solidity.
Making hats and caps impregnated authentic American spirit for both men and women. An American icon that spans the world.
Stetson hats and caps, we do enjoy some unique designs with unmatched quality, a perfect combination that surely will leave you speechless.