Fedora Indiana Hat Waterproof Brown Apache


Lovely fedora hat from the Spanish brand Oliver Hats. It highlights this incredible hat its design in Indian style and its special feature of being waterproof. The Apache run, along with the detail of the pen, manage to turn this hat into a unique piece. Easy to combine with any of your most autumnal looks. Design, elegance and comfort, I can not ask for more!

Detalles y Tiempo de Entrega

  • Material: wool
  • Color: Brown
  • Brand:Oliver Hats

    Estimated Delivery time: The approximate delivery time of caps and hats Oliver Hats brand is 10 working days from receipt of shipment.

    Note Sometimes, the selected item may not available in our stores, then the delivery time may vary. Since Pingleton Hats will be informed at all times of the status of your order.

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